DECI: Division of Entrepreneurial and Commercial Initiatives

The SERVE, Inc. staff has years of experience in designing both freestanding online courses and entire online degree programs. Our skilled staff of ITS consultants, curriculum designers, web developers, graphic designers, multimedia specialists, and learning management system specialists work with you to design course and program applications to meet your specific needs. The SERVE, Inc. staff has developed online courses and programs for numerous institutions of higher education, including the University of Alabama, Texas A&M University, SUNY Cortland, East Carolina University, the University of Central Arkansas, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Program Development Services

The SERVE, Inc. approach to providing comprehensive course and program development services is highlighted in the graphic “Strategic Online Learning Model.” This model focuses on four key areas of a strategic approach to the design of online programs: faculty development, student support services, course design and development, and administrative policies and procedures.  


Online Course Development

DECI's online course development team serves as both a resource and a production unit for programs being offered online. We can consult on ways to improve your existing online courses, adapt your instructional content for online delivery, or work with entire departments to build an online degree program. To learn more, read about our specific tiers of services and then contact us to schedule an in-person consultation.



Curriculum redesign

Our instructional designers work with you to reenvision the courses in your program through a process of backward design. We’ll identify your learning outcomes first, then design assessments and a topic-based unit structure to match those instructional goals.

Assistance in using web-based tools for teaching

Our instructional technology experts will show you a range of free web-based programs that can be tailored to the teaching needs of your course.

Multimedia production

Our multimedia team films you explaining key concepts, with photos added in post-production, to create short educational videos you can share with students.

Designing infographics

Our graphic designers take complex data and detailed charts and turn them into user-friendly infographics that clearly communicate the desired information to students in a striking, memorable format.

Editing/proofing course content

Our writing services team will review your copy for typos, grammatical errors, and confusing passages, helping keep your lessons clear and accurate for students.

Development of custom websites

Our web development team creates a fully functional and user-friendly website template designed specifically to meet the content needs and educational objectives of your program. The navigation, page structure, and design match your specifications.

Creation of multimedia-rich case studies

Our multimedia and web development teams build engaging case studies based on real-life examples you use for your class. Housed in your course website, these engaging activities combine video, audio, photos, and text to immerse students in the topic.

Integration with database to track student progress

Our custom-built infrastructure will connect with your course website, giving you real-time data on when students complete assignments and how they perform on assessments. Data can be aggregated and exported into other programs.

Development of assessment tools inserted into course website

Our curriculum and web development teams will create custom quizzes and written assignments that can be taken directly on the course website. These assessments are linked to a database to track all student activity.


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