Professions in Deafness 100 Series

  • Professions in Deafness 100 Series

The Professions in Deafness 100 Series (PID) is provided by The Department of Specialized Educational Services (SES) in Deafness Program at UNC Greensboro. 

Five videos are available for the PID courses.  Each cost $25.  These videos are

SES 101 100 Series

SES 102 100 Series

SES 203 Classifiers


SES 306 Advanced Narrative ASL Story Telling

SES 480 Interpreting Specialized Settings

Please refer to your course syllabi to determine which video(s) you need to purchase, or check with your instructor.



$25.00 per Course



The dates of this Series coincide with the UNCG Academic Calendar.


Registration Information

Students should be registered with UNCG and the class that the 100 Series is associated.


Contact Information

If you have questions about the content of this Series, please contact Sam Parker (336-256-1217 or










    $ 25.00