Why Choose SERVE, Inc.?

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SERVE, Inc. supports the strategic plan, objectives, and business activities of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. We work with you to produce dynamic educational and informational projects and initiatives that create powerful engagement and positive outcomes for a range of audiences.

Why Choose SERVE, Inc.?

SERVE, Inc. offers you a suite of tailored solutions designed to enhance your programs and initiatives and expand your reach. Our agile team brings deep experience and diverse perspectives to help you conceptualize, develop, and deliver engaging products, no matter the size and scope. See how SERVE, Inc. helped our partners create standout projects tailored specifically to their needs:


CVPA worked with SERVE, Inc. over the course of the 2016–2017 academic year to develop and design the website that would accompany the newly formed College of Visual and Performing Arts. SERVE was involved with the project from the very beginning, convening meetings with all constituents before the designing began. This was a complex process given the various academic units the site represents and the different audiences it must reach. SERVE was nimble and responsive throughout each phase of the project and CVPA is very pleased with the results!

Daniel Rice and Lawrence Jenkens, UNC Greensboro College of Visual and Performing Arts


Easy, efficient and productive. We've worked with SERVE for several different projects, e.g., establishing a consulting service for accreditation of nursing programs; establishing a summer continuing education course. Both of these projects were completed and successful. SERVE works with you to get it correct and usable. They are always available to assist. We have completed three separate consultation projects with three different schools. We have one more that is in progress. We completed our first summer CE, which was very successful recruiting nurses from all over the state and several universities and community colleges.

Robin Remsburg, UNC Greensboro School of Nursing


The SERVE, Inc. team is wonderful to work with. They were responsive and made it easy for students to purchase our Approved Clinical Supervisor training. Students have reported that the ACS training is very well designed and meets all of their educational and accreditation needs. Thanks SERVE team!

Scott Young, UNC Greensboro School of Education


We at iDeal Learning started working with SERVE during the fall of 2017, getting a continuing education program for library and information professionals off the ground. As the faculty member in charge of the program, I was overwhelmed to say the least. The folks at SERVE helped me figure out the best way to show people what we offer. I especially like that SERVE processes all the payments so we can focus on programming and other details. They've also been really patient as we made changes based on trial and error, offering discount pricing and experimenting with how best to display information. We’re still in the early stages with the program, but I can say for sure that we would not be nearly as far along as we are now without the help of the folks at SERVE. I would recommend SERVE to any department looking to start a professional development program.

Sonia Archer-Capuzzo, UNC Greensboro School of Education

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